Some benefits of living in Switzerland

There are so many reasons, not just one, to live in Switzerland. The country is beautiful and very diverse in terms of culture, language, and cuisine. It has a lot to offer, such as chocolate factories – where you can find out how the deliciously sweet product is made – beautiful lakes with breathtaking views. Wondering about the benefits of living in Switzerland? You might want to check out this article by Sanelo.


Living in Switzerland is not only about lovely places and natural beauty but also the fact that the country has an excellent healthcare system. This makes it possible for everybody to get access to good healthcare. For example, Switzerland is ranked 37th best in the world for healthcare (World Health Organization, 2011). This is explained by the high standards of our health service and accessible healthcare, which means that a Swiss resident can travel abroad and receive proper treatment at any hospital there.


In Switzerland, we have a drug-free daily life. We are cautious when buying and taking drugs because we know how addiction can affect our lives. Whereas in many other countries, this issue is not taken into account, and the majority of people take drugs without thinking. In such countries taking drugs is like entertainment. It has become a new way to have fun on the same level as drinking alcohol or partying with friends. It is a popular sport where everybody participates, except that it is dangerous as you never know what will happen.

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Of course, there have been cases of fatalities that have triggered debate in Parliament and led to new laws. Still, people seem to ignore all warnings for their safety and health sake, which eventually leads to more deaths.


Another benefit regarding healthcare is the high quality of our healthcare professionals. On average Swiss medicine graduates have a 60% placement rate in academia, research, and industry.


Many international studies have shown that the country with the best health care is Switzerland. Even though our healthcare service is not accessible to foreign residents, we are still much better than those countries where it is free. Still, people do not take advantage of it because most people live in extreme poverty and cannot afford help.


There are also several NGOs that support drug users and their families, providing them with advice on how to live clean lives without drugs or alcohol.


Even though some people may find it difficult to understand why anyone would choose to live in Switzerland, this country is definitely a paradise for somebody who wants to lead a drug-free life. It is not only a beautiful country but also one where you can be safe from the problems you might face in other countries (including addiction). You will have no problems or violence here. But if you still do not want to move here, we are trying our best to open up services for foreigners living in Switzerland and make it easier for them to join the support system.